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Cotswolds Leisure time for relaxation, amusement, sport and entertainment

Making the most of Cotswolds and the leisure time available for relaxation and amusement, time for sport and entertainment, time for refreshment of one's mind or body after work in

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The Cotswolds have no end of things that people can do in their spare time. Here in the Cotswolds, we have the freedom to choose any pastime or enjoyable activity we like, we just need to know what, where and when these things are available. Ideally, quality time in the Cotswolds should be an experience to be enjoyed by everybody taking part, whether its watching or playing a sport, watching plays or films, experiencing the Cotswold countryside by cycling or walking, or just relaxing by the water, eating in a favourite restaurant, drinking in the local pub or winding down with a massage at a local health spa.

Leisure time came about after the industrial revolution and over the last 150 years the improvements in technology have given people more time to fill.

When we have the freedom to be away from the time-consuming duties and work responsibilities of every life, we need to find things to occupy the few hours available between our working lives and bed-time.

The Cotswold Gateway will point you in the direction to some of the things available to fill your leisure time in the Cotswolds.

Cotswolds Horse Riding Horse Riding
One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful Cotswolds hills and wolds is on horseback There are many riding centres in this area which cater for both the experienced rider and beginner and those with their own horse.
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Water sports in the Cotswolds Water Sports
The Cotswold Water Park is Britain's largest water park with 133 lakes between Swindon and Cirencester. Water sports of every description - sailing, jet skis, canoeing, water skiing and angling is available.
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Sports Centres and Venues
For a more active lifestyle, which will help reduced stress levels, leave you feeling fitter and help you sleep better, why not visit one of the local authority sports centres, venues or individual gymnasiums throughout the Cotswolds.
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There are some excellent choices of restaurants in the Cotswolds and good quality food and drink is an essential part of life wherever you live or visit in the Cotswolds.
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Thames boat trips Boat Hire and Trips
Boat hire and trips are available on all the main rivers and canals throughout the Cotswolds. Individuals or groups can enjoy trips from the riverside towns of Tewkesbury and Lechlade.
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What's On
Our monthly guide to What's On in the Cotswolds where there are hundreds of things to do including music, theatre, cinema, sports, jumble sales, car boots, so much in fact that you will be spoilt for choice.
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Walking the Cotswolds Way Walking
There are over 3000 miles of footpaths, bridleways and byways throughout Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds and many of the long distance paths that dissect the county traverse the Cotswolds.
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angling at Witney Angling
Some of the best angling in England can be found in the Cotswolds and there is a choice of fishing in lakes, rivers, canals and the likes of trout farms that allow even the novice to have a go at this pastime.
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Inside a cinema Cinema
The Cotswolds has a number of cinemas available in all the main towns of the area. There are also film clubs, theatres and the rural cinema is available to film buffs.
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