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A Guide To Cotswold Farm Produce

Collecting The Crops The Cotswolds is primarily an agricultural area & has been for hundreds of years.

By the 16th century the Cotswold breed of sheep was recognised as a superior meat & wool producer of which the Cotswolds wealth began to grow.

Cotswold Fresh Vegetables Unfortunately agriculture has suffered over recent years & farmers have had to learn new ways of marketing their produce hence the establishment of farmers markets & farm shops selling home produced goods & organically produced meat & vegetables.

Sheep Have Always Been The Main Supplier For Cloth & Meat By buying locally produced food helps the local economy, helps creates new jobs & reduces the length of the food chain so creating a healthier, fresher product.

Fruit juice, cheese, beers, meats, cider, honey, preserves, bread, fish & much more is available throughout the Cotswolds, you are spoilt for choice.

If you are a producer & wish to be listed, please contact The Cotswold Gateway.