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Cotswolds History Books

A selection of books revealing the way it was in days past with a unique inside of the Cotswolds including photographic memories.

Gloucestershire: Cotswolds Pt. 1 (Pevsner Buildings of England)

A comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the buildings of the Cotswolds. Read about the great medieval wool churches and grand country houses such as Badminton and Dyrham, besides architecture of such celebrated towns as Cirencester and Chipping Campden. An expert overview is given in the introduction, which also surveys the rich prehistoric and Roman remains and the subtleties of the famous Cotswold stone. This is an indispensable guide for any lover of the Cotswolds.

Buildings of the Cotswolds

Buildings of the Cotswolds covers over a 100 Cotswold villages and towns in colour and mono chrome photographs. Specially taken for the book, the photographs highlight the fine detail of the buildings, the stone and its variations, the style of construction and local building specialities. Together with the books vivid text they reveal features of manor houses, cottages, fine farm buildings with great tithe barns and churches, some dating from pre Norman times. This is a highly informative and entertaining book which will delight all who love the Cotswolds.

Long Barrows of the Cotswolds

Tim Darvill explores the purpose and meaning of long barrows and the people who constructed and used them. The book is well written and presented and includes a gazetter of sites, radiocarbon dates and details of suggested sites to visit.

The Book of Bourton-on-the-Hill, Batsford and Sezincote: Aspects of a North Cotswolds Community

The photographs in this unique volume, many of them previously unpublished, are a vital record of the history and inhabitants of this ancient settlement brought together from across the community. These adjoining Cotswold parishes form part of a natural amphitheater which halted the southerly advance of the last major Ice Age. This book reveals how much there is to these rural, but progressive, villages and estates and in doing so, celebrates the vitality of these historically interdependent communities. All this, and much more, is detailed in this 160 page book, copiously illustrated throughout with over 200 historic photographs of the places and people who have made up this thriving community.

Francis Frith's Cotswolds

This book features 150 detailed historical photographs from The Francis Frith Collection with extended captions and a full introduction.

Francis Frith's Cotswolds Revisited

This photographic memoir of the Cotswolds features 150 detailed historical photographs from The Francis Frith Collection, with extended captions and a full introduction. Suitable for tourists, local historians and the general reader.

The Way It Was - A History of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds in Old Photographic Postcards

The Way It Was provides a pictorial social history of North West Oxfordshire as it was around the turn of the twentieth-century up until World War II. The text captures the atmosphere of each scene and gives the book a coherent feel. The Way It Was also contains an introduction, map, bibliography and town and village index. The Way It Was provides an intriguing and unique insight into this closely connected region as it was in the early decades of the twentieth-century.

The Cirencester Experience: Roman Corinium - "The Capital of the Cotswolds"

The Cirencester Experience is an illustrated circular walk and town guide about the ancient market town of Cirencester. The book gives an illustrated history of Roman Corinium "The Capital of the Cotswolds".

The Cotswolds

A nostalgic feast - anecdotes and quotes from the past, customs trade and tradition, feasts and festivals, family and community life - a veritable scrapbook of how life used to be in the Cotswold hills. Includes over 100 archive photographs, posters and etchings.