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About This Website

The top row contains the Cotswold Gateway logo and is a link back to the home page, accessibility links, the navigation tool bar which are links to help you find your way around the site and return to the home page. The "breadcrumb trail" are the links showing you where you are in the site and to allow access to the upper level's quickly.

The left hand column contains links to the main sections and key pages within those sections. There are also small advertisements which are relevant to the content of this website and these will always open in a new window.
There are also links to other websites which will contain suitable and relevant content which will enhance the information included in this website.

The middle column contains the main content and is the main text area for the website. It also contains links to other content or external sites which will open in a new window. There are also links that will return you to the top of the page.

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Access Keys

Many browsers support the use of access keys, which can be used to navigate the website without the use of a pointing device (mouse). If you are using "Windows", you can press the ALT key plus the listed access key. In Internet Explorer you may need to press enter to take you to that page.; On a Macintosh you can press the CTRL key plus the listed access key. Pressing enter will take you to that page.


Tab Index

On every page the "Tab Index" feature is enabled. If your browser supports the use of tab indexing, and after you have tabbed to the browser's content window, then the first links you will encounter are any important links in the body of the page. The main tabbed links are:




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Standards Compliances

The following are conformance badges relating to the accessibility and technical standards of this website.

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