Thank you for taking the time to visit the Cotswold Gateway website.

It was in 2002 that was launched and since then I have strived to provide tourists with the information needed to visit the Cotswolds and the Cotswolds Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I have no affiliation with the offical Cotswold tourism industry and the sole aim of the Cotswold Gateway is to bring tourists and service providers together solely for the benefit of the Cotswolds, the area which I haved lived for over forty years.

Over the past fifteen years I have put together, I think, a great website devoted to the Cotswolds and all it can offer. I hope you will enjoy the website which is currently being updated and modernised for the mobile generation. I believe the information given is correct but some parts may be dated, it is not perfect and criticism is great, so if you find something, which is not quite right, feel free to have your say and I can put it right.